Ground Up Professional Services 

Commercial and Residential Property Maintenance and Land Service Solutions

Our Difference is What Makes Us Different

Ground Up Services began serving as a business in 2017. The owner, Matt has many years experience in the operations of the business. Including two years of formal vocational training in building trades, as well as residential and commercial property management, maintenance, cleaning and grounds services. We are a traditional business in some aspects. We are licensed, insured, and a state registered business. However, we are unlike other businesses in many ways. We do not have employees like other businesses do. We are family owned and operated. From fathers to sons, uncles to brothers, dads and moms. We are all family, and that is what makes our business work. It's family helping family to meet needs. And those needs are serving our customers.

Other Ways We Are Different: On almost every job from beginning to end you will deal with Matt, our owner. He will oversee the operation and usually do most of the work. If you call, text, or email us usually you will deal with Alecia, Matt's wife.  She handles the scheduling and billing for our business. We want and encourage you to become on a first name basis with Matt and Alecia. All of our workers are uniformed. When our workers see you on a jobsite, they will introduce themselves to you. Our workers follow strict guidelines for safety and how to treat our customers and their property. When you see us on a jobsite you will see familiar faces over and over. 

How we do business is also different, we let our experience and knowledge work for you. We will discuss your needs with you and come up with the best option for you. Sometimes that means in the end we provide a less expensive service for the customer or we don't do the job because we can't meet the customers needs. We are open and honest with our pricing, service options, and what we feel is the customer's best option. We are here to serve our customers, not to overprice and over service them. We want our customers to have faith in confidence in us and know that we are treating them fair and honest. We do this because we care and want to help. 

About Our Owners: Matt and Alecia have been married since April 2016, and live in Colliers, WV.  They are foster parents through the state of West Virginia and currently working to adopt their 4 special needs foster children. They also both work other jobs. Matt and Alecia whole-heartedly believe in life in the model they adapted for their business. "Treat our friends like family, and  our customers like friends". We appreciate you taking the time to read about our business. We look forward to being able to serve your needs soon.

Thank You and God Bless

Matt and Alecia