GroundUp’s work is simple: we help artists define their own vision of “success,” then we help them achieve it. We do it because we love music. We do it because there are too many good songs that go unheard.

GroundUp Productions was born in Austin, TX, where independent music and entrepreneurship cross-pollinate and simmer. The outfit began as the booking and management wing of the independent trio Kazyak, and within months, other groups began seeking GroundUp’s creative guidance and logistical support. In the years that followed, we relocated to the Twin Cities of Minnesota, where the scope and spirit of GroundUp continues to grow.

We currently offer a suite of services ranging from ideation and branding, to booking and publicity, to audio and video production. Right now GroundUp is working with several bands from the Twin-Cities-based Yes!Lets Collective, and we’re always interested in adding to our roster – so please be in touch.